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Ahhhh the joys and pains of studio recording. You get a little bit of both in most recording sessions. And if you’re a straight up perfectionist, it can really get wild. But this is what I signed up for when I became a recording artist. No turning back!!

I love the art of putting things together. Construction sites are so cool to me because I get the chance to see what was once nothing become something over a period of time. And so it is with recording projects. Only this time I’m the foreman, the contractor, the supervisor and ultimately the one who pays for everything with my name on it.

It’s my brand that hangs in the balance as I take this journey. It’s quite different than when I was just hired to play on other people’s projects. I have to dot very “I” and cross every “t” so to speak.

There’s a lot that I’m learning on this journey. One those things is patience is a virtue…with myself, the musicians, engineers and the whole process. It takes time to do this right. In fact, it’s better to do it right than quick. I’m always my worst critic so whenever I hear what I’ve recorded played back to me, I automatically put myself under a microscope. If it’s good I smile. If it’s bad….well I try not to curse. And the tape doesn’t lie; whatever I record…..good or bad……is there for everyone in the room to hear.

Sounds like a lot of pressure huh? Well yes and no. I’ve already described what it’s like for your work to be closely examined. But the beauty in that is it provides an opportunity for growth, to get better. And what musician worth their salt wouldn’t want that?

Any musician truly dedicated to their craft wants to get better and there’s no better way to do that than to record yourself. While working on my project, I’ve heard things I don’t like and have even gone so far to abruptly end the recording session just so I can go home and work on my part. When I work on things on my own I’m able to figure out the best way to play things so that my sessions can go a lot smoother.

Perfection is what we all strive for….just gotta keep things in perspective. Only God is perfect…the rest of us are doing the best we can!!

The Journey continues…..

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